Seglinge today – we on the island

Elk in the garden

It would be possible to introduce all of us living on Seglinge one by one on this page. After all, we are only about 25 people living here all year round. We're leaving the joy of the introduction, however, until you come and visit our island! You may meet us in the shop or the harbour, on the beach or the playing field, or just walking around on the village roads. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our daily life on the island and that way you can learn more about the island and us. Four of us are children, about ten are of working age and about ten are retired. The children's school is on the neighbouring island Kumlinge, we're some of us also have our workplace.

The Seglinge ferry lit by sunset

In our spare time we do a range of activities, such as hunting, fishing, mushroom- and berry-picking, exercicing and football, and in the winter we play ice-hockey, ice skate, ski and drive snowmobile. All year round we of course visit each other often. Work with associations and the municipality in Kumlinge also take some of our time. On Seglinge we have a two hunting teams, one for elk and one for roedeer, a village community and an association with joint ownership of the islands fishing waters. On Kumlinge we participate in different organisations such as the Red Cross and several of us have positions in the administration of the municipality.

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