The ferries – our roads

The ferry Alfågeln in ice

The ferries takes you to Seglinge from both east and west. You can travel by car, bike or summertime also by buss. The timetables for the ferries can be found on Ålandstrafiken's webpages, where you also find instructions for booking of your veichle.
From the Finnish mainland you travel from the harbour of Osnäs in Kustavi, about 80 km from Turku. From there, the ferry m/s Viggen takes you to Åva in Brändö in 40 minutes. Then there is 22 km of road across Brändö to the southern harbour of Torsholma. There the next ferry, m/s Alfågeln or m/s Knipan, takes you to Kumlinge in about an hour. Remaining is only 11 km of road before you reach the cable ferry that takes you to Seglinge. The whole trip from Turku to Seglinge takes around 4-5 hours.

The Seglinge ferry

From the main island of Åland you can take two routes. The northern one goes through the harbour of Hummelvik, about 1 hour from Mariehamn. There m/s Alfågeln or m/s Knipan takes you to Kumlinge in 1 hour and 15 minutes where you have 11 km of road left to Seglinge. The southern one goes through the harbour of Långnäs, only 30 minutes from Mariehamn, and the ferry m/s Odin takes you directly to the cable ferry in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
The cable ferry takes you to Seglinge in 10 minutes and it travels all the time except for the following breaks: 10:40-11:15 (every day) and 16:55-17:30 (Mon-Sat) or 18:25-19:00 (Sun).

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